Tips For Keeping Your Walls In Good Condition

The walls in our house are the main things that you will see when you enter a room.  The splash of color, lighting and the overall flow will all work together to create an enjoyable visual experience.  The question comes in however, what happens if you have damage to your wall?  Well before it starts to get any worse you need to contact drywall repair columbia md to come and ensure that it doesn’t get worse.  Before it happens however, you will want to consider the following preventative measures.

Don’t hit the wall

The main thing that will cause damage to your walls is you or someone hitting it.  This can be as simple as bumping into the wall, moving furniture or horsing around.  When we get close to our walls we want to stop and move in a different direction.  If we don’t then we can come in contact with our walls creating scratches and other damage.

Watch what you hang or place on your walls

The next common way to damage your walls is to by hanging pictures, shelves and other items on the wall.  When hanging items on the wall you want to use non-destructive measures.  You don’t want to use tape, sticky substances or items that will rip into the walls.  You want to find the stud behind the wall and then gently insert a nail or screw.

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When hanging posters use thumbtacks or push pins.  Command hooks are also a good thing to try but make sure that you follow the directions and instructions before use.  They can still do damage to your walls.

If you have damage on your walls don’t go crazy.  Depending on the extent of the damage you can fix it by using some touch up paint or other repair methods.  Taking your time and really being conscious of what you are doing and what can happen will greatly diminish the damage to your walls.