Two Kinds Of Ticks You Want To See To

There are two kinds of ticks you want to see to. Although the one kind of tick referred to, is being spelled out quite unusually. Tic. Quite so. It is a nervous tick. Sure would be if the local tick prevention tampa van is within earshot. Been through the rigmarole before. The tick’s mom told it all about it. This is how grandma tick went while she was busy preparing a feast on the smelly beast’s back.

It was the man in the tick van. Splat! Although it wasn’t as gruesome as that. So the tick’s mom told the story to young tick Bob. It was cold, callous. It was like a hazy fog came over it as the old tick’s six legs slipped from Mom’s grasp. One minute the tick was jawing. The next minute it was gone. It takes it quite by surprise. That’s true for a lot of homeowners. It can be quite an unsettling experience.

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One minute Fido’s as happy as a lark. The next moment he’s chunking, trying vainly to scratch the family of ticks out of his back. The concerned pet parent by now has a nervous tic. Right there on the side of his cheek. He cannot make up his mind whether to be angry or cry. But no. Cowboys don’t cry. Come, boy! We’re taking you to the vet! Yow! As if that’s going to help!? Been there, done that. Please, Master!

Not that all over again. One strike. Pow! That’s all it takes. See that tick van over there? That’s the man you want to talk to. There’s a reason why they call him The Exterminator. The Tick Exterminator. And he’s even good with flies. Mozzies and roaches too.